Warriors Over The Wasatch

Thank you to everyone who attented this years show.
We had over 500,000 excited folks in attendence over two days.

June 25-26  2022
Next show in two years.

Everyone saw The Thunderbirds, our very own F-35A Demo Team and a host of other exciting performers.
(Announcement of the Demo Team.)

The F-35A Demo Team movie above had to be stabilized which is why you see the title bouncing around.
Special thanks to SpencerHughes2255 for the footage.

Meet "The Lightning Keepers."

Even The Thunderbirds  Arrival is Spectacular!

If you are fortunate enough to be around when The Thunderbirds arrive, they don't just fly in and land...

A video of Hill's F-35 Demo Team.

Re Elect Mile Lee

We have a true champion in Washington.

Burgess Owens
U.S. Congress

Burgess brought a breath of fresh air to his district. His conservative views and experience are a welcome to Washington D.C. and he represents the state well.

Blake Moore
U.S. Congress

Blake brings a truly unique perspective in that he has served our country in various roles in Washington DC and abroad, including as a Foreign Service Officer working closely with all branches of government, intelligence, and military and as a board member for the Utah Adoption Exchange and was recently appointed as co-chair to help develop the next generation of chamber of commerce leaders. 

Chris Stewart
U.S. Congress

One of the strongest conservative members of congress, and a former Air Force officer, Chris has been a tremendous Utah supporters in the Congress.
Go to his site, see his views on numerous issues and once you do, we are confident you will realize we need to keep Chris in Washington.

John Curtis
U.S. Congress

Another of our strong conservatives in D.C, Rep. Curtis has been a True Champion of Utah. He's done a LOT in a short period of time, just watch the video.

Critical Disclosure

Our current Congressmen and Sen. Lee MUST be re-elected to Congress.

Note: On Saturday, June 18, I participated in the Nibley Heritage Days parade with the Cache County Republican Party. We interacted with the Andrew Badger campaign, Congressman Moore's challenger, and folks it was Not Pleasant. In my personal opinion, we Can NOT have someone of this caliber representing Utah.
Dr. Rick Mayer

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